I'm a tattooer by day, printmaker by night. I've always spent most of my free time working on personal art projects and studying different kind of techniques. For a long time I was practicing watercolour painting - starting from using a lot of colour and moving on to a more monochrome look. I compiled most of my watercolor paintings in a book, which is available on my store. After that I moved away from painting and found passion in printmaking - designing ideas, carving the lino and printing. Together with my wife, who is printing as well, we are looking forward to creating many more works.

I also document the printmaking process whenever I can. You can check out my videos in the video section or on my Youtube channel.



I've been working with Emil and printing his lino carvings since summer 2019 after we committed to buying an etching press. It started as a side job while getting my psychology degree, but with time and experience I've grown to really enjoy the craft. Trial and error has been my best friend throughout this process. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm excited to see where this takes us.

I also deal with all the orders and stuff, so hit me up in the contacts page for any questions