Zaķīšu pirtiņa (Hares in a bath house) on Birch plywood

Zaķīšu pirtiņa (Hares in a bath house) on Birch plywood


€ 169,40 - price with VAT included (EU countries only)

Zaķīšu pirtiņa - Hares in a bath house

Inspired by Latvian animation movie with the same name.

Printed from a hand-carved lino block using etching press.

Printed on birch plywood, coated with epoxy resin.

Limited to 28.

Approximate size: 55 x 28 cm

Color: Black

Every print comes signed and numbered.

They come with a hanging hole in the back.


Made by Emīls.

Making of video:



  • Disclaimer

    Please keep in mind this was an experimental project. Don't expect a flawless layer of epoxy. There can some bubbles, pores or scratches, but nothing major. Each board is one of a kind so it may look a little bit different than others.

  • Shipping

    Shipped in bubblewrap and cardboard envelope.
    All shippments are tracked.

    Due to the gobal emergency, all international shipments are expected to be delayed.